The Best PPG Training: The Kyle O’ School of Paramotor


Paramotor Instructional techniques offered by Kyle O, and training regimens. How he runs his school, offers personalized pilot progression, and some thoughts on being an instructor.
Basically, a summary of what is offered at The Kyle O School of Paramotor.

The contact information listed below.

Lodging options:
Holiday Motel: 318-539-3551
Melanie’s Lodge on the Line: 512-577-8699
Baker Street Bungalow: 870-833-6475
Levingston Motel: 318-539-9390

Shipping Address: Kyle O’Glee 531 S Main St Springhill, LA 71075

Kyle’s School of Paramotor Group page:

The best way to contact Kyle initially is through email. [email protected]
My personal Facebook page:

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