Risk Mitigation For Paramotor Operations On Water and Water Crash Video Reaction and Review with Kyle O’Glee

risk mitigation for paramotor operations on water and water crash video reaction and review with kyle o glee

Avoid fatality by doing some simple gear acquisition and searching within yourself for the knowledge and forethought to keep alive during an unplanned water landing on a paramotor. Drowning is at the top of the list for ways to sleep with the fishes on a powered paraglider. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the moment and get dead. Follow the Kyle O method for water survival while landing in the drink, and you’ll be far ahead of the game when game time comes.

Links to videos
Extreme Paramotor Crash

Hero Saves Friends Life

Paramotor Instructional techniques offered by Kyle O, and how I run my paramotor school in this video here https://youtu.be/WXRC3SmY-SI

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