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Looking for Owner Feedback on the Polini Thor 202 / 303 vs Vittorazi Moster 185


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I'm pretty enamoured with the Polini Thor 202 and 303 vs my current 2016 Vittorazi Moster 185 Dark Evolution. I foot launch.


  1. Higher fuel efficiency
  2. Fewer vibrations
  3. More Thrust
  4. 400 hours between major overhauls (vs 100 hours for the Moster 185)
  5. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  1. Weight (heavier)
  2. Popularity in the US (one person I know has one, parts may take longer to get)
  3. Radiator Brackets breaking (unsure if this is a Polini or frame issue)

If you own the Polini Thor 202 or 303, or even the 250, I'd love to hear your experiences and whether or not you still love it. Also please mention what frame you have your Polini mounted on and if you'd recommend it. Cheers!