Paramotor Episode 31: The Evolution of Wing Fabric with mydogischoking

paramotor episode 31 the evolution of wing fabric with mydogischoking

Paramotor and Paraglider wings are made of specialized nylon fabric. In this video we explore the evolution of the fabric from its conception by DuPont chemical company, to the modern day weavers of ripstop for the paragliding market.

Entry rules for the lighted propellers and hub:

1. Subscribe to this YouTube channel
2. Follow @mydogischoking on Instagram
3. Send a pair of socks (the more colorful and unique the better) to:

P.O. Box 2104
Terrell, TX 75160

Note: In addition to the socks, you must include your:
Full name
Phone number
Email address
T-shirt size (M, L, XL)
Instagram handle (example @CrazySocksRCool)

Overseas entries welcome!
Drawing will occur January 31, 2022.
The drawing will be completely random using your contact information and will not be based upon the type or color of socks received.
Only one entry per person allowed.
Winner will be contacted via Instagram direct message and/or telephone. Your address and email address will be used to send you the winning propellers or a t-shirt.

I value your privacy! Your contact information will not be sold or used in any way except to notify you about this giveaway or to inform you about the availability of the lighted propellers.

For those that don’t win the lighted propellers – I will be choosing at least 2 pair of socks weekly to wear and post on Instagram. If I choose your socks, I will mail you out a free t-shirt to say thanks for the socks! So choose a pair you’d like to show the rest of the world. (The crazier the better, but please keep them appropriate for all audiences).

Information about the lighted propellers and hub:
These are Helix propellers made for the Vitorazi Moster 185 with a standard 2.68 reduction and are 125mm in length. The attachment hub is machine cut aluminum with a 3D printed outer container for the batteries, controller, USB charging ports, and on/off switch. Programming, setting play lists, and connecting to the controller are included in the instructions.

Good luck everyone!

0:00 Introduction
2:41 The invention of nylon
5:23 The invention of ripstop
7:09 The invention of paragliding
9:29 Porcher Sport
11:11 Dominico Textiles
12:54 Lighted propeller update
14:03 Win free lighted propellers
14:58 Outro

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