OZONE TRIOX 2 with Ozone Paragliders

ozone triox 2 with ozone paragliders

The TRIOX is the OZONE most purpose-built trike wing. It is designed to carry heavy loads. It makes trike flying as easy as possible while delivering fast cruise speeds, high fuel-efficiency, and an effortless launch. Certified DGAC and load tested to 410 kgs @8G (EN standard) and 625kg @5.25G (DGAC standard), the TRIOX is available in three sizes, accommodating a wide range of power units and wing loadings. It is suitable for both solo and tandem trike flying, and thanks to the easy launch and flight characteristics is acceptable for a wide range of pilots from recreational to pro.

More info: https://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/products/gliders/triox-2

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