OpenSource Paramotoring!

3 8 months ago
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So first of all, I love open source technology! It allows anybody to compete with huge corporations, that love to hold onto patents just to see the competition suffer. Not only does it apply to software, but it also applies to paramotoring! With OpenPPG, you can build your own powered paramotor with items on amazon! However, with all battery based tech you do have some huge trade offs. Mainly the 40lb battery and only 25 minutes of run time. However, goodbye are the days of mixing fuel, smelling like oil, and polluting the earth.


  1. Josh Perry

    Those batteries just look to damn heavy and a pain in the rear to replace every time they die.

  2. IFlyWi

    Have you seen this one? Looks pretty cool, although it needs some fine tuning and maybe a single prop vs. multiple. Still, a nice step in the right direction.

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