Nac-Intercom Helmets – The Anubis Review

nac intercom anubis helmet
Disclaimer: This helmet was provided free of charge for an independent and unbiased review. Cost as tested: $625 USD shipped.


If you’re new to the paramotoring community, you’ve most likely either built your own paramotor helmet or purchased a high dollar one from one of the larger paramotor vendors at a premium price. Those of us that have gone the budget route, this usually includes a skateboard helmet, some 3M ear-protection, paired with either a Sena or the Cheap Chinese equivalent, BT-S3. Both of these options are great and each have their own pros and cons. One can be had for less than $100 DIY, or over $1200 if you go the premium vendor route.

If you’re looking for something maybe with a few more bells and whistles for a cheaper price, I suggest you look at a brand that has not been recognized much in the North American Paramotor market, Nac-Intercom.

Nac-Intercom provides a variety of helmets for paramotoring and paragliding featuring face shields and integrated hearing protection. In this particular review, I am going to be focused on Nac-Intercom’s Anubis Integral.

A Triple 8 Helmet, BT-S3, 3M ear muffs, and some time is all you need for a DIY helmet.

The Need for a Full Face Helmet in Winter

It seems like if you want to fly in winter, you either need to go south or bundle up like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. I opted for the latter. This sent me on a journey to find a helmet that would provide some winter protection for my face as flying in that dry, winter air, your lips chap, your nose will run, and flying just does not stay enjoyable for long. Especially, if you wear glasses and they constantly fog up. I wanted a full face helmet that included a visor to protect my face against the winter elements. I wanted multiple radio integrations for airband and bluetooth, and I wanted integrated hearing protection.

nac anubis cf
The Anubis Integral comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

I spent several hours doing research and turning up blanks. The few helmets I did find, exceed my budget by quite a bit. Talking to people on the paramotor discord channels, someone suggested a helmet that was from Nac-Intercom. I’ve never heard of this company before, even in my hours of research – not once did they pop-up. When I visited their website, the Anubis hit every checkbox that I needed in a helmet.

Full face-shield, including removable visor and pre-wired for your air-band radio or 2meter radio, including a push to talk button available on either the left or right side. I was blown away, then I saw the price tag. The Anubis starts at $317 USD and with all the bells and whistles can exceed $1000 USD. Options include pre-wired air-band radio or the 2 meter option. A tinted or clear visor, your choice of Sena, and if you want your PTT button on the left or right side.

Discovering the Anubis helmet, I searched for any review I could find. To my dismay there wasn’t much available on this helmet and the brand didn’t seem well recognized in the US. No way am I spending a premium price on a helmet with no reviews. I reached out to Nac-Intercom to see if they would provide me a unit for review and they happily agreed. I opted out of the Sena, as I plan on installing my own Cardo Packtalk Bold

IMG 2002 scaled
Front View of the Nac-Intercom Anubis Helmet

Features and Specifications

  • The Anubis is made in Italy with the highest of quality components.

  • Quick Adjustment allows the pilot to easily insert the chin strap into the buckle to close it, and allows the pilot to quickly remove the buckle with the pull of a single tab. Very glove friendly.

  • The hypoallergenic, removable, and interchangeable Polygiene® inner padding allows you to quickly adjust the size of the helmet by changing out the padding and allows for maximum hygiene and comfort.

  • The Anubis features 32db noise isolation, one of the highest in the market. Thanks to the closed design with built-in hearing protection, and the adjustable dial on the back, you can adjust the tightness of the hearing protection for maximum comfort.

  • The built in vents combined with the airflow systems, “Air Pipe” allows perspiration and air exchange to keep you cool and dry, even in the warmest of climates.

  • The windshield visor comes in both clear or tinted and is easy to install with the safety lock system.

  • One size fits all. By simply changing out the internal padding, you can achieve a different helmet size. There are different thicknesses depending on size, XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL.

  • The Anubis is available in the following finishes: Pearl white, Carbon Optic, Silver grey, Dark blue and Orange.

Customer Service and Shipping

It Only Took Two Days to Ship from Spain, to the US.

Within a few days my order was processed and shipped. It only took two days to get from Spain, through US customs, and to the middle of the midwest, Missouri. I honestly did not expect the helmet to arrive so early. I was just a few days away from Kyle O’Glee’s Para-Party, so I took it with me. I had planned on doing an unboxing video, but due to the circumstances, I had a lot of people at the fly-in that wanted to see it so I opened it there in front of everyone.

Photo 6619370 DJI 234 jpg 4197429 0 2020112710546 photo original scaled
The Guests Started Arriving Friday Morning at Kyle O'Glee's Para-Party.

Customer Service and Shipping: 10 of 10.

Styling, Fit, and Comfort

The first few days of the fly-in were cold and wet. A perfect time to try out this new Anubis helmet and see how well it does in the elements. The conditions were in the low 40’s Fahrenheit with 90% humidity. The helmet features a full fiberglass exterior, thick padded interior, and my model included the clear visor. The tinted visor option is available, but would probably better for morning flying or afternoon thermals. I don’t see it being very useful if you fly at dusk like I do so I opted for clear. I measured my head and ordered the corresponding large size.
IMG 2007 scaled
High Quality Removable Liner Featuring Polygiene Technology.

The initial fit is extremely comfortable and its very snug. The helmet pads are velcro’d in, featuring a high quality build with great stitching. The cloth is made of a Hypoallergenic, removable and interchangeable Polygiene® inner padding that inhibits bacterial growth preventing odors. The helmet padding is fully replaceable and reasonably priced. The visor easily lifts up and stays put. It has a simple clip on the front, that you can push down to lock it, or lift up on the tab to open it.

IMG 2012 scaled
Due to the flip up visor, you have to put your go-pro mounts further back than normal.

If you forget to put the visor down during a take-off, it may lift up and put considerable pressure on your neck, as it acts like a giant sail. Ask me how I know… The chin strap is of quality, and features a quick release ratcheting system that can just slide in to lock and then pull the tab to release. I deducted one point, as there was a small chip in the helmets paint. Most likely that is because this is a demo model and that is to be expected.

IMG 2006 scaled
A close up of the ratcheting system on the Anubis. A single pull on the red tab releases the strap and is easy to reach even with gloves on.

Styling Fit and Comfort: 9 of 10.

Hearing Protection and Noise Isolation

On the back of the helmet, you can turn a dial and the 3M ear-cups tighten over your ears. This feature is amazing, and you can get them quite tight. At the turn of a hat, you can loosen them to hear others around you or tighten it to seal the cups over your ears. The included hearing protection appears to be the chartreuse colored 3M hearing protectors integrated into their propriety ratcheting system. I believe they are a 32db reduction in noise. The hearing protection seems to be the one thing lacking on this helmet.
The knob on the back of the helmet allows you to tighten the ear muffs.

Paramotors are loud, and this helmet just doesn’t provide enough hearing protection. The air-band radio was loud, clear, and I was able to hear it just fine. However, there was a lot of motor noise that still found its way into my ear drums. This was surprising considering the 32db reduction claimed by Nac-Intercom. When I received a transmission on the air band radio, I would sometimes have to let off the throttle and ask for them to repeat what they said.

I have since upgraded them to the Gel 3M Ear Pads and we’ll see if that makes a difference on my next flight. Nac-Intercom does sell the gel ear pads separately, and may include them with the helmet for an additional cost.

$30 3M Gel Ear Cups are worth their weight in gold.

Hearing Protection: 6 of 10.

Radio Integration

Initial impressions of the air-band radio were top notch. The air band option uses a single cable from the helmet to my ICOM-A16B and it sounds great. The cable is high quality, and comes for a variety of radios. There was some interference from the ignition on my paramotor during transmission, but this is no fault of the helmet and has everything to do with the AM air band radio. I was best heard when I let the motor idle and then transmitted.
IMG 2004 scaled
You can choose which side you want your PTT button and the 5-pin will go on the opposite side.
The single cable made it really simple to connect my radio, and the push to talk button is easy to locate and press, even with winter gloves on. Again, you can opt to have it installed on the left or right ear cup. I would recommend to get it on the opposite side of your throttle hand. If you’re left hand throttle, get a right hand PTT button. If you ever get a new radio type, you can simply order a new cable from Nac-Intercom. My only qualm is you can’t have both 2-meter and airband at the same time. It’s one or the other plugged into the 5 pin Nac-Intercom connector.

Radio Integration: 9 of 10 

Winter Flying

My first flight with the helmet was a cold one, I found myself fogging the visor while breathing and getting strapped in. I usually put my helmet on before I clip in my paramotor, but the front of the helmet made it difficult to look down and buckle my paramotor straps. It definitely took away a little bit of the vertical FOV when I looked down. So I took the helmet off, hooked in – leg, leg, belly, chest, then chin! Putting the helmet on last made it easier to get clipped into my paramotor. Once I got air born, the helmet really shined. Due to the low temps and high humidity, the helmets visor liked to fog – like all helmets. However, opening the visor just a hair allowed fresh air to come in and prevent fogging and still kept my face warm and prevented my glasses from fogging. Mission achieved!
IMG 1992 scaled
The Anubis Helmet Helps Keep your Face Warm When Flying in the Winter.

Having my glasses fog was the biggest nightmare using my open faced helmet. This full face helmet seems to have rectified that problem. In addition to no fog, I had no watery eyes, no runny nose and my face actually stayed warm. To take the helmet off, you simple pull down on a little tab and the ratcheting clip system simple pulls off. Easy to do with gloves on. I would highly recommended this helmet for winter flying.

Winter Flying: 8 of 10.

Final Remarks

I can see this helmet being great in Cross Country and events like the Icarus Trophy Race – preventing your face from being wind burned and lips chapped. It may be too warm for summer flying, but it does include vents on top for airflow and you can remove the visor. I’ll post another review next summer to see how well it does in warmer weather but according to Nac-Intercom the aerodynamics of the helmet along with the vents on the top will keep air moving through your helmet keeping you cool. The fit and finish is top notch, the electronics are of the highest quality, and the built-in hearing protection with ratcheting mechanism make this helmet one of the best on the market.
IMG 2001 scaled
Side View of the Anubis Helmet from Nac-Intercom.

If you’re looking for premium features including full face protection, built in hearing protection, top of the line electronics, with a premium fit and finish the Nac-Intercom Anubis is for you. Not to mention it looks badass, and gives you that storm trooper look. Currently, if you look at their online store, they only have blue helmets remaining. New colors coming in January 2021.

Overall Score: 8/10 – A game changer for paramotoring in the winter.

You can purchase the Nac-Intercom Anubis as well as find more information on their website:

Save 10% off the Anubis helmet with coupon code: ANUBIS-PPGZONE
Good until March 31st, 2021.

Kyle O Helmet
The Anubis has also been given two thumbs up by Kyle O'Glee. Check back soon for the Kyle O'Glee Anubis first impressions video.

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  1. Excellent review. I just built a new helmet (DIY style mentioned) but when it comes time for an upgrade, I will certainly look at this helmet. Thanks for the review!