Stay Safe, Fly with a Friend.

Use the map to find paramotor pilots in your area! Send them a message, make new friends, and go flying! If you’re a new member looking to meet people and learn more about the sport, just ask! Paramotor Pilots are pretty friendly people and love to talk to others that are interested in the sport.

All members have control over their own data. If you see that your location is wrong, or you no longer wish to show your location you can quickly edit your profile’s City field. Setting it to blank will remove you from the map. For the best accuracy, we suggest just using your city or zip code. There is no need for your full address unless you want it listed on your profile to receive mail, preferably a PO Box.

Note: You will not show on the map until you have updated your profile for the first time, or made a post to a group or a forum. If you still don’t show up on the map, remove your address and save your profile. Then add your address, and save it once again.