Measuring Torque Steer with Scout Paramotors

LVGcvzWin Q

Last time we have measured torque steer by hooking the paramotor into a giant swing. Despite crashing it, it worked pretty well. Yet we had some concerns about accuracy of the measurements we did: – Would airspeed affect the performance of the propeller and thus the torque? – Would the type and size of the glider make a difference? So now we will do the same measurements in real = in flight = in the air. Nobody did this experiment before, at least we are not aware of it. SMARTER PILOT video series: This video is part of our new video series = Smarter pilot. This series goes beyond the Paramotor Geometry Classroom and we do real in-flight experiments to share our know how about building paramotors. Because we believe that knowing and understanding your aircraft better will make you a smarter pilot. This particular video is a little bit off the schedule. We started with measuring the torque and we will continue with further experiments on that topic. THE EXPERIMENT: Instead of hooking the glider directly into the carabiners of the paramotor we put scales in-between the glider risers and carabiners. We suppose the torque will increase the load on the right side and decrease the load on the left side. From the difference, torque could be calculated. Well, not. To our surprise it does not work that way. Watch the video for full explanation.

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