Introducing the SCOUT Pod Harness with Climb Assist


Paragliding with climb assist:
Burn half-liter of fuel to climb, switch the motor off and enjoy paragliding like you are used to. AT the end of the day, use the remaining fuel to fly home instead of hitchhiking.

We believe this will revolutionize the world of paragliding for all the pilots living in the flat lands.
Less driving…
Less trying and failing …
No more missed opportunities!…
Less forecast watching!…

… more paragliding.

The SCOUT pod harness with optional climb assist turns paragliding from a full day into a 3-hours activity. Now you can enjoy paragliding without sacrificing time with your family and friends, work and other hobbies.

The SCOUT pod harness with optional climb assist is the first of its kind:

  • fully reclined
  • fully automatic
  • fully mechanic
  • full paragliding feel = no metal bars under your arms and no massive frame on your back

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