How to take RISKS in a responsible way – by FlightCoach


In this series you will learn risk taking the responsible way. Diving headfirst into a situation yelling “i accept all the risks!” usually means “i really want to do this and i hope nothing bad will happen”. Many people are quick to say “i like/hate taking risks”. Few people actually know how to do that in a structured way. While life (and flying) is filled with risk! Risks are not bad or good, it is up to you to decide what a risk means to you.

Making that decision can be difficult, but decide you must! In this first episode we will go over a safety industry framework and relate that to paragliding, after this you will learn a few easy steps which will help you be a RESPONSIBLE risk taker. No need to be a pilot to enjoy this episode, anyone might use this episode to extend their lifespan and get more out of life.

Conscious risk taking usually does wonders for your health! In this episode a paragliding specific example is used to explain the steps to take risks more responsibly, i am sure it translates quite easily to “normal earthbound” life and might even inspire you to pick up paragliding or another airsport!

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