How to prepare your Parajet Maverick for Travel with SkySchool

how to prepare your parajet maverick for travel with skyschool 1

One of the great things about the Parajet Maverick is it’s transportability. This film explains how to prepare your Paramotor for travel so you can take it with you and make the most of this fantastic sport around the world. See below for a step by step process:

The day before you plan to travel:

1. Drain all fuel, run the engine until it dies, disconnect the fuel line and clean the engine
2. Remove the fuel filter from the fuel tank using a coat hanger to hook the fuel line
3. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head
4. Remove the air filter from the carburettor
5. Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank
6. Allow the engine to ventilate and any remaining fuel to evaporate over night

The day you plan to travel:

1. Plug and seal the cylinder head, fuel line and exhaust outlet
2. Place a tumble dryer sheet between the air filter and carburettor
3. Place spark plug, fuel line and fuel filter in a sealed bag and transport them separately
4. Remove the reserve parachute to reduce weight and transport it separately
5. Securely protect the Paramotor in the travel case and add some tumble dryer sheets.

Don’t forget to check the airlines rules and regulations. Most airlines allow you to travel with up to 32kgs if you pay for excess luggage. The US can be very difficult due to the TSA’s strict rules so consider shipping with UPS instead. If travelling with an electric start do not travel with the battery. When checking in mention that it’s Sports Equipment for Paragliding!

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