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    April 10, 2021 at 2:07 am
    112 Parapoints

    Ok, Here are the details, as I have them. (It’s not finished yet.)

    2-80 Volt 6.0 Ah Lithium Batteries, put on a Kangook Phoenix Paramotor, running a 120100 Electric motor. This turns a 3-Blade 31″ E-Prop, I’m planning a 3:1 Reduction. I will fabricate the pulleys myself, from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, for strength, and weight reduction. I have upgraded to the Swing-Arm setup, for better weight shift control. With this setup, I am expecting 18-20 Hp at the fan.

    This should be comparable to a “Gasser” for power, though I have not done the calculations for the electric power draw yet. I am hoping to get 20 minutes of power per flight. Enough to get me up to the thermals where I can continue by Free-Flight. Depending on how much time each battery pack gives me, I may add more for longer flight times.

    I still need a wing for powered flight, as my Free-Flight wings are not set up for power.

    I’m an Electronic Engineer, by training, and currently work in the Machine Tool industry, in Software, so I have the resources to work with. ☝😃

    Cool Right?