Fly Products Foxy Trike with the Rider Atom 80 – Lightest and Most Portable PPG Trike with One Up Adventures

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We’ve been flying the Fly Products Foxy Trike with the Rider Atom 80 and Rider Moster 185 all summer and are excited to share a 3 part video series including:

– What type of pilot is the foxy trike made for?
– Whats the easiest way to transport and build your foxy trike?
– Can you acro fly with the Foxy trike as well as on a foot launch set-up?

The Foxy trike is very well built with combination of stainless steel and aluminum, while very lightweight, portable, and shines even in rough terrain or high grass.

Keep in mind that this trike is ideal for intermediate and above foot launch pilots transitioning to trike, and intermediate or above trike pilots. For beginner trike pilots who also want foot launch, we recommend the Rider on the Vertigo or Flash Cruiser Trike.

Thanks for watching and contact us with any questions!

– Travis, Kyle and Aly,
1-833-BE-ALIVE (232-5483)

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