First Impressions of the Vittorazi Cosmos 300 with One Up Adventures


Check out the video review above to hear One Up Adventure’s first impressions of the new Vittorazi Cosmos 300 engine on a Fly Products trike.

There are many technical features that characterize this engine conceived and designed to achieve the perfect balance between performance, safety, and comfort. The power is always optimal, thanks to the liquid cooling system which has the function of controlling and maintaining the adequate temperature in different environmental conditions. Even the straight-toothed gear transmission with a Skiving surface finish contributes to greater power thanks to low friction levels and perfect smoothness. The diaphragm carburetor also offers maximum performance in terms of power, consumption, and power output even in critical atmospheric conditions. The Cosmos 300 is equipped with the Twin Spark technology of aeronautical derivation, a system consisting of two independent ignitions capable of offering double the safety. But there is more. The engine is equipped with the VDO sensor which monitors the cylinder head temperature and is designed for the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) sensor; two devices that ensure its maximum reliability. Flying with the Cosmos 300 is comfortable. The countershaft reduces the vibrations perceived during flight and reduces the stress of the components from a mechanical point of view, increasing the reliability of the entire aircraft. When the engine is idling, the clutch contributes to superior comfort and maximum safety during ground operations. See Vittorazi for more information.

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