Bad Apples / Hodges Field Fly-In 2021

How early can I arrive?
We’ve had this question a few times so far we’ve modified the policy and we are asking that no one arrives before Tuesday to allow us some time to get prepared.
Fly-In staff will also be collecting the camping fees for all who are on the field for the fly-in so if there is no one present at the entrance when you arrive, please seek us out to make sure you obtain the camper tag for this year.

Also for those arriving early, please be aware that you may be asked to change location, depending on where you park. Some spaces near the pavilion will certainly be reserved for staff but there may be some additional shuffling around for organizational purposes.

Some of the power poles have multiple 20/30/50A outlets so when you park, make sure you leave enough space for other campers to access the remaining outlets.


Pilots: $50 pre-registration, $60 at the door.
Vendors: Free unless flying, then same as the pilot
T-Shirts: $15 short sleeves, $20 long sleeves, +2$ for 2XL and larger sizes, must be purchased in advance
Camping: First come, first served. no reservations possible. Payment will be made directly to Hodges Field or fly-in staff on arrival.
RVs: $20/night (Water and power hookups)
Tents: $10/night Includes use of showers and restroom facilities.

General Description:

Hodges Field is located about 7 miles northeast of Americus, Georgia, and about 3½ miles northeast of Jimmy Carter Regional Airport.

Driving it’s a little under 2½ hours or 144 miles from the center of Atlanta I75/I20 junction, and just over 3½ hours / 190 miles from downtown Panama City, FL.

Requirements; Participants must:

  • sign a waiver before flying
  • attend a pilot briefing before flying
  • wear a wristband on at all times
  • keep the runway clear (remove unused equipment from the field promptly after the flight and only set up immediately before launching)
  • familiarize themselves with the airspace and local conditions
  • yield right of way to landing pilots
  • keep all pets on a leash
  • ensure pets use the appropriate area for relieving themselves and immediately clean up any “accidents”
  • register as a pilot if vendor
  • fly commensurate with skill level.

Limitations; Participants must NOT:

  • harass wildlife or people
  • fly low over people, buildings, or animals
  • perform demonstration flights without prior arrangement with staff
  • perform group training or first solo flights
  • keep all equipment, tents, vehicles, and people behind the flight line unless directly involved in flight operations.


Terms and Conditions:

Refund Policy:
No refunds

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the fly-in and property to anyone.


The event is finished.


May 13 - 16 2021



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PPG Zone Group


Hodges Field


Hodges Field
428 Neil Hodges Rd Andersonville, Georgia, 31711
PPG Zone Group

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    1. Just think of all the awesome places you could stop and fly on your journey across the lower half of the states! I hope to make a similar one in 2022, which will involve Salton, Glamis, and Flying Circus!