2021 Easy Pace Fly-In, 3rd Annual

THIS INFORMATION IS TBD. If you have information please e-mail

In honor of last year’s excellent turn-out to our spectacular spectacle, we have once again planned to gather at Pace Aviation for an Easy Pace Fly-In.

We’re hoping all that joined us last time will attend again, as well as any of those interested in viewing or participating in the joy of flight done the Easy way.
If the weather is right we’ll all be making a spectacle of ourselves. We’re hoping to attract people offering balloon rides and possibly tandem Powered Paraglider flights, but even if not there will be a good show…. hope y’all can come out!
Flying Field Access: $25 (maybe changed as event approaches)
Spectators- may be asked for donations to charitable organizations
Proceeds collected above expenses will be given away to Resurgence PPG, an organization that seeks to ease the burdens of veterans with PTSD through the joy of personal flight.
  • Plenty of space at the field for campers and tents
  • Port-a-Johns on site
  • Breakfast on Sunday morning (required donations made to the owner of the field for breakfast tbd, so bring some cash)
  • Plenty of places in the area to eat and get supplies and gas.
  • Possible treasure hunt for 50/50 cash.
  • Charlie’s Soap land-out tourney – proof of any land-outs away from the field for any reason will be rewarded with prizes from local businesses. They love us!!!


Sep 17 - 19 2021




Pace Aviatation
200 Pace Airport Rd, Ridgeway, VA, USA
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