An Honest Flat Top Paramotor Review with Trevor Steele


Everyone knows the stigma associated with Flat Top. Here at PPGZone, I want to push that stigma aside, and if someone creates a great video I believe they deserved to be recognized. Trevor does a great job in this 30-minute video explaining the design, and features, of the flat top paramotor. It might not be the paramotor for me, or for you, but for some people out there this might be right up their alley and this video will help them make an informed decision.

SPECS: 56 Pounds Dry
2.5 Gallon standard tank
5 Gallon dual tank option
200cc Minari Engine
27 Horsepower
600 Pound carrying capacity
Built out of aluminum
2 Blade E-prop Standard
Kevlar Netting
Spectra Cloth Harness

If you would like to learn more about the Flat Top Paramotor, check out their website:

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