Amazing Timelapses of Weather Events in 2021 in 4K


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The 2021 season was no different. The number of supercells we saw and the level of the structures was absolutely amazing. From Sudan, Texas to Malta, Montana…the chases were a blast and the time-lapses I caught were just fantastic fun. So many supercells, so many chases…I think I counted about 27 days we chased from late April to late June. Definitely one of the more active springs in recent years. It was good enough that I felt I could put out another worthy entry in the Vorticity series, so hopefully, you agree!

I worked once again with Péter Nánási on the music, it’s 100% custom for this film and it’s so dang good! Appreciate his artistry and vision, not to mention always busting these out quickly for me! Hit him up if you need a score for your film!

My buddy Brett Wright was along for the ride most of the spring and we’ve made a pretty darn good team I must say. He started helping me on tours a few years back and since then we’ve just gotten really honed in on our chasing strategies. I’m so thankful we’ve been able to do this together and am so grateful to have his help with the driving, the forecasting, and decision-making.

As always, I’d like to thank all the supporters over on my Patreon page! If you’re not a member yet but enjoyed this film, I encourage you to join up. I’m so honored by the folks over there who spend their hard-earned cash to support the work I do, it means so much! They all got to see this film a week ago, so there are some fun perks!

Finally, to my wife Jina and my kiddos…thank you as always for bearing with me during the crazy few months I’m gone chasing for huge chunks at a time. I miss you always and it’s definitely getting harder to be away from you all. Being married to you Jina is the best thing I’ve ever done, and I thank you for your constant support all year long, but especially these few months. And to the kids, you all are so sweet and kind to ask me how chasing is going, not to mention joining me this past June on a three-day chase adventure…you all mean the world to me and it’s a joy being your dad!

I hope everyone enjoys this film! Some epic storms in there, some bucket list moments like the Sudan tornado with the unbelievable structure above it, or the incredible quadruple downburst that ends the film…I enjoy so much capturing these scenes, these moments, and sharing them with the world. I know storms can be scary, and deadly, and definitely can be devastating for many people…but they are also beautiful and mesmerizing…and hopefully that feeling is conveyed in the films I put together.

Everything in this movie is time-lapse photography, captured at various intervals, entirely on Canon cameras and lenses. I use LR Timelapse, Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and After Effects to put it all together. The cameras were two 5DSRs and an R5. All scenes were captured across about nine states in the central United States.

All footage available in 8K resolution

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