A review of the Ozone Sirocco 3 with AJ Goin


The Speedster 3 and the Sirocco 3 are the same design and essentially the same wing. The differences lie in the color profile and the lightweight fabric. Very similar to the Spyder3 and the Roadster3. The lightweight fabric makes it very easy to inflate and is almost considered cheating. However, like most things, there is give and take. For what you gain in easy launching, super easy mode kiting, you lose in durability. If you launch from parking lots and gravel, the Sirocco3 might not be the wing for you. You may want to look at the Speedster3. This wing has a large trim range and allows for a very fast trim speed. Past a certain distance, you will want to only use your tip steering. AJ recommends shortening the brakes, but for flying long distances the long brake lines will make cross country that much more comfortable. The average trim in speed was about 26mph, and the average trim out speed was 38mph. AJ did not test with speedbar, but you can use speedbar with full trims out on this Sirocco 3.

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